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Green Aventurine Nandi (7cm) - Abhimantrit

Green Aventurine Nandi (7cm) - Abhimantrit

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Natural Green Aventurine Nandi, is a sacred symbol that has been precisely designed from first-rate Green Aventurine. This masterpiece is 7cm long but however great it looks; it holds nature with its features of physical beauty and spiritual consequence. Built with great care, an experienced artisan skillfully details the Nandi, a sacred bull marking Lord Shiva, which is a meticulous green Aventurine handiwork known for its soothing and harmonizing qualities.

Green Aventurine has a great effect on an individual’s finances and heart chakra, thus opening a person to positive outside influences and apt emotional balance. The cornice, the first recognizable element that graces its head, is the fanciful horn of the Nandi, the automatic mount of Lord Shiva, and being a crown symbol, makes this product a highly premium-quality shopper.

These aspects of the Natural green Aventurine Nandi are optimized through an expert pandit’s handled process of energizing. The energy of Green Aventurine which is full of peace and blessing is infused into the images of various gods by the pandit. In this process, the natural energy becomes as powerful as the spiritual vibration giving a harmonizing effect.

Key benefits of the Natural Green Aventurine Nandi (7cm):

• Prosperity and Luck: The Green Aventurine, the Nandi, is supposedly in the middle of the symbolizations that will attract prosperity, luck, and abundance.

• Premium Craftsmanship: With great care and use of premium Green Aventurine, the Nandi, represents the eternal element of beauty and the spirituality behind it.

• Heart-Opening Energies: It is green and has a deep connection with the heart chakra controlling emotions that emanate calmness and peace of mind.

Energized Blessings: The Nandi’s gem-mated surface and the pandit’s blessing imbue it with a spiritual dimension that certifies that it spreads divine blessings and positive energy.

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