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Breakup Healing Bracelet (White Agate with Seven Chakra) - Abhimantrit & Certified

Breakup Healing Bracelet (White Agate with Seven Chakra) - Abhimantrit & Certified

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A highly therapeutic combination of White Agate and Seven Chakra stones, this bracelet will accompany you on the road to emotional healing and renewal. It combines the power of both substances. This transnational accessory, with perfect quality, is a top priority as well as a symbol of the metaphysical properties, that can heal during difficult times, and is designed to be an embodiment of these beliefs. Every White Agate and Seven Chakra stone is carefully picked based on authenticity, capable of making the bracelet classy, fashionable, and yet at the same time, ancestral. Moreover, it provides emotional well-being by relating style to essential components of living.

The softness of the 'white' of the Agate that is known to provide peacefulness and harmony when used in conjunction with the vibrant 'seven chakra' stones – which stand to represent totality and healing on all levels – marks the end of the cycle. This Birthday girl will score in all your upcoming days with the same wave, hence will bring a surge of confidence and power to women of all ages.

Besides that, to improve the healing properties of the bracelet we involved a professional astrologer in the process of its energization.

Key benefits of the Natural Breakup Healing Bracelet:

• Emotional Resilience: The ‘White Agate promotes mental healing, and could help you deal with the emotional pain you are going through.

• Holistic Alignment: The hematite stones balance and harmonize the physical and the mental attributes that we hold on to ultimately heal the seven bodies; therefore, there is healing on both the emotional and the spiritual levels.

Premium Craftsmanship: This bracelet is made with a high level of craftsmanship consists of premium-grade components and is a symbol of healing and timeless elegance.

• Energized Blessings: By the holy man's blessing the bracelet might not only gain but also preserve aesthetics and positive sensations.

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