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White Agate Shivling (3cm) - Abhimantrit

White Agate Shivling (3cm) - Abhimantrit

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Sacred white Agate Shivling is applicable for mental concentration, meditation, and selfless devotion to God. A 100% premium grade agate with purity, clarity, and spiritual enlightenment. The essence of Shivling means Lord Shiva, a supreme deity that leads both creation and destruction. The process of using rituals and sacred words performed by Pandit and invoking sacred words into the statue of the lord generates positive energy.

Shivling, the main attribute, is made of natural white agate, which is the one to have clear traits of calming and purging properties. Every minute detail engraved in the construction of this immortal work, are the creative and passionate prayers offered to create it. The top quality of an agate can stand strong in time and is also a trademark, so it will cherish anyone's sacred place.

Through nimble and diligent work, the Shivling emanates as the source of pureness, devotional prayer, and spiritual insight. Such wonderful facial mien and remarkable reimaging depict Gods in their true selves, to penetrate the soul of His followers and connect to the Divine. When becoming alive due to the light of a divine priest, the Shivling can absorb the power of positivity. Hence, aside from its spiritual function, it can also bestow the atmosphere with peacefulness and bliss.

Now, let's explore the key benefits of having Natural White Agate Shivling:

β€’ Purity and Clarity: The white agate of the Shiva lingam is reputed to purify aura and produce mental clarity. Hence, it makes an ideal choice for any meditation or spiritual routine.

β€’ Spiritual Awakening: Lirgan manifestation of the Shiv ling is the provision of an opportunity to access spiritual enlightenment and gain knowledge about cosmic energies and Divine consciousness at the inner levels.

β€’ Devotion and Reverence: Devotees regard Shivling as the most sacred deity and a symbol of their devotion and reverence for Mahadeva, and continue to ask for His blessings in the spiritual development and fulfillment of their spiritual path.

β€’ Harmony and Balance: The holy Shivaling, the transmitter of positive vibrations, bestowed convenience. Thus, divine harmony and peaceful vibes enveloped all within the space.

β€’ Blessings of Lord Shiva: Lord Shiva is considered the paramount Deity; he imparts the grace of divine protection, wealth, and priceless salvation unto the followers who wholly show submission and due veneration.

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