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Tiger Eye Turtle (H-1.5cm, W-4cm) - Abhimantrit

Tiger Eye Turtle (H-1.5cm, W-4cm) - Abhimantrit

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Immerse yourself in the grounding energy of our Natural Tiger Eye Turtle, meticulously abhimantrit by expert pandits to enhance its spiritual resonance and effectiveness.


1. Grounding and Stability: The Natural Tiger Eye Turtle serves as a symbol of grounding and stability, anchoring you to the present moment and promoting a sense of security and calm.

2. Divine Protection: Blessed through the abhimantrit ritual by expert pandits, this turtle acts as a protective talisman, warding off negative energies and providing a shield of spiritual safeguarding.

3. Enhanced Intuition: Tiger Eye is known for its ability to enhance intuition and insight. Allow the energy of the turtle to stimulate your inner wisdom and guide you on your spiritual journey.

4. Manifestation Aid: Use the turtle as a focal point for manifestation rituals, harnessing its energy to attract abundance, prosperity, and success into your life.

5. Decorative Accent: Beyond its spiritual benefits, this turtle serves as a beautiful decorative accent, adding a touch of natural beauty and symbolism to any space.

Embrace the grounding energy and divine blessings of our Natural Tiger Eye Turtle, abhimantrit by expert pandits, and experience a heightened sense of stability, protection, and intuition in your life.

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