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Luck, Abundance & Prosperity Bracelet (Tiger Eye) - Abhimantrit & Certified

Luck, Abundance & Prosperity Bracelet (Tiger Eye) - Abhimantrit & Certified

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Plunge into a quest for wealth and prosperity with our Natural Luck, Abundance & Prosperity Bracelet which has been being crafted with a lot of care to emanate energies that will attract good fortune. It is specially made with the highest quality Tiger Eye stones, which are popular because they can attract luck, wealth, and prosperity. Every stone is selected attentively to conserve its originality and eternity, which gives the stones a unique means of linking metaphysics with fashion.

The Tiger Eye stone with its darker golden-brown tones seems to channel the natural world and the luck and wealth energies all in one. Begin the transition. Let the precious gem become your signpost on your road to great success.

To bring forward its metaphysical properties, this bracelet undergoes an energization process at the hands of a professional pandit. To heighten these, the process is done by a skilled pandit.

Key benefits of the Natural Luck, Abundance & Prosperity Bracelet:

• Fortune Attraction: Tiger Eye, an attractive mineral, is considered to be a lucky charm that leads to many desirable outcomes, be it in the sphere of work, relationships, or personal growth.

• Premium Craftsmanship: Thoroughly designed and produced with every high-quality part, the jewel is not only a sign of success but also a cool fashion statement.

• Energized Blessings: The messenger delivers a spiritual dimension to the bangle, and so it is befitting that the bangle refracts an abundance of riches and energy.


Tiger Eye: The tiger's Eye, the earth's stone, has a calming effect on folks and roots them to the ground during difficult times. It allows you to reorganize and make your spiritual life more stable, helping you get down deeper into the essence of who you are.

How it works? 

1.    Healing crystals are energy boosters that aim to let you see the path and help you achieve your dreams. An individual must be with a determined effect and struggle all along that journey.
2.    The first determinant of how fast we achieve our results is dependent on our willingness to put in the required effort and our high level of discipline to complete the goals we set.
3.    Through thoughtful and mindful use of crystals, one can raise inner energy and achieve one's external goals and needs. Spirits are important for work spiritually, so it will test its time and the outcome of the work very much depends on the person.

Crystal care tips 

1.    It is advised that you should cleanse and charge your crystal every two to four weeks.
2.    In case the crystals you have acquired become damaged/broken, it is advisable to bury them in the earth or immerse them in a river or lake.


Please note that this is not intended to replace professional medical treatment, crystals can act as complementary tools in helping a patient by clearing blocked energies by providing a sense of overall well-being.

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