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Stress Relieve and Removes Tension Bracelet (Peridot) - Abhimantrit & Certified

Stress Relieve and Removes Tension Bracelet (Peridot) - Abhimantrit & Certified

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Our Stress Relief and Tension Removal Bracelet made of premium quality gemstone is an exquisite blend of style and health benefits, uniquely designed to bring you joy and ease out any worries you might be carrying with you.

Among each bead, there is a certain degree of care in choosing, in terms of beauty and energy, to ensure the accuracy of each bead and to enhance the efficacy of brass in reducing tension and stress.

Through the pandit or the spiritual practitioner, the Bracelet is energized by sacred ceremonies and mantras, disembodied though they are. As the object of the ceremony, the Bracelet obtains a healing force from the sacred rituals and mantras, multiplying its potency and blessing its possessor.


β€’ Stress Relief: The bracelet has a reputation for being the stone of relaxation, which lets go of uneasiness, nervousness and excessive concerns. Wearing the bracelet induces peacefulness and equilibrium inside and out, thus the user encounters less stress while facing life’s problems.

β€’ Emotional Healing: Peridot is a great gem, first, by balancing the fourth heart chakra, inspiring emotions such as love, forgiveness, compassion, and mercy. Wearing this bracelet was like a message to my subconscious, helping me handle my feelings of inner turmoil and tranquility.

β€’ Physical Well-being: Peridot is also valued as a stone that possesses healing properties, which include improving mentioned systems: heart, lungs, and digestive tract. Apart from that a person wearing the bracelet contributes to the general state of health and strength contributing to energy charges and leading to happier moods and a more positive life attitude.

β€’ Positive Energy: The Peridot Bracelet embodies transformation, stimulating a joyful feeling, and changing a bearer's perspective for the better. It can be a sanctuary and play the role of a charmer of fortune, one of the eye-catchers with the spark of optimism and hope inviting abundance and prosperity into life.

β€’ Enhanced Creativity: The green gem (peridot) might be the most appropriate one to stimulate imagination and lead the wearer to absorb new ideas but with no negative emotions.

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