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Rose Quartz Nandi(4Cm) - Abhimantrit

Rose Quartz Nandi(4Cm) - Abhimantrit

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The Holy Rose Quartz Nandi is a spiritual entity whose main purpose is to bring about deep, divine energy and peacefulness. A beauty that comes from out of a precious rose quartz, evokes purity, love, and compassion within all who remember the past. Every minute decoration is a representation of the established professionalism and the squeeze that was put into the process of the creation. This great figure has the right to stand on a pedestal, for the pandit has already blessed this Nandi through sacred rituals and it is the source of positive energy that all around this Nandi prevails the serenity of the atmosphere.

Pink-hued rose quarts, this gemstone exuded gentle energy, opening the way to emotional balance and peace. With its weight of less than 4 cm, one can place it on an altar, a desk, or a spot for meditation.

The benefits of the Natural Rose Quartz Nandi include:

β€’ Emotional Healing: Rose Quartz also acts as a gentle healing force, dismissing stress and anxiety, while helping you attain peace from the inside.

β€’ Love and Compassion: For people love and compassion impart that makes the feeling for others deepen and nurture.

β€’ Spiritual Connection: This Nandi, with Pandit's energy flowing through, does more than convey God's head blessings. He creates the necessary environment for spiritual enlightenment.

β€’ Harmony and Tranquility: The beauty of the decoration stands in the feeling of harmony and tranquility, which makes it great for meditating and spiritually.

β€’ Protection: Being the Lord’s mount Nandi is cherished by its devotees. It acts as a guardian spirit, which protects a spiritual journey’s adherent from negative influences present everywhere.

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