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Moldavite Stone (1.5cm) - Abhimantrit & Certified

Moldavite Stone (1.5cm) - Abhimantrit & Certified

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The adventure of natural Moldavite Stone, a rare and celestial gem, created as the result of a meteorite crash into the Earth billions of years ago 15, is now opened up for you. This exclusive-grade molten material is a natural piece of space history that was carefully selected to ensure the truth of its origin and unsurpassable quality. Each Moldavite jewelry piece is marked by its very own color variations and texture representing its being created aboard the asteroid.

Moldavite is known to have the unusual property of activating and boosting others, which ultimately helps lead to greater transformation on all levels. As it is known, it is believed to improve the level of spiritual awareness, to unify the personal self with the cosmic or higher consciousness, and finally to create a perfect link between the spiritual and the earthly life. Such a high level of frequency of this instrument is the main reason for its wide popularity among meditation and energy work practitioners.

The Master at the top of the chain carefully treats this Moldavite Stone by the energization method and practices meticulousness in the process to be enlivened with the energies. The pandit infuses the substance with beneficial vibrations, converting his instruction into the stone's inner harmony that is accomplished by unmistakably meditating between its celestial origins and sanctified influences.

Key benefits of the Natural Moldavite Stone:

• Spiritual Transformation: Moldavite, also known as a transformation stone, enhances spiritual growth and opens the door to personal development.

Meditation Aid: The stone's unique vibration has a high frequency which can yourself to an optimal state for meditation, and take your spiritual experiences to a higher level.

• Premium Quality: The high selectivity and authenticity of it make Moldavite Stone a result of the universe bringing together cosmic exceeding elegance and a deeper connection.

Energized Blessings: Pandit's touch infuses the stone with a spiritual effect of conveying a positive message and the cosmic frequencies along with it.

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