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Magical Om Mani Seven Chakra Bracelet- Abhimantrit & Certified

Magical Om Mani Seven Chakra Bracelet- Abhimantrit & Certified

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The Natural Magical Om Mani Seven Chakra Bracelet, therefore, is an enticing ornament that has a profound meaning as it seeks to explore the healing effect and energy balancing those results from the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra when recited. Such a great quality bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it is holistic and spiritual, which is meant to be used in balancing, healing, and spiritual growth.

Every bead in the bracelet is made from natural stones chosen very carefully for the seven chakras. The Master Mantra is made in the form of Om Mani Padme Hum and is united with the beads. Among all the stones, including the Red Jasper believed to provide support for all spectrums of the body health issues and Amethyst that brings enlightenment, every particular rock is part of a holistic package caring for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In resemblance to a wizard potion and capable of communicating our intentions through the seven chakras, our Natural Magical Om Mani Seven Chakra Bracelet is the representation of everlasting elegance and unconditional spiritual significance. The stones made of the original earth are carefully selected and duly energized by an experienced pandit, who has the experience this. This influx of positive energy allows the bracelet to become a tool with a much more primitive vibration. Therefore, equipped with such empowerment, it can work at a higher level of efficiency, namely, the promotion of balance and healing.

Key benefits of the Natural Magical Om Mani Seven Chakra Bracelet:

• Chakra Alignment: The bracelet plays a vital role in enabling and causing indulgence of the body’s energy chakras to ensure the overall well-being of the person.

• Spiritual Growth: These Om Mani Padme Hum prayer strings have the enormity to institute an individual’s spiritual growth and awaken her wisdom.

• Healing Energies: Every stone emanates its outstanding curing attributes, which can help one alleviate (psychologically and physically) and (mentally and spiritually) other undesirable conditions.

• Energized Blessings: Pandit's fingers create a spiritual dimension, no doubt, that helps the gemstone to resonate with only positive energy and prayers to assist in full recovery and growth.


Amethyst: - Amethyst is a form of quartz with violet coloring that makes up the work of art. This gemstone comes in lovely shades of lilac and deep purple color. It is believed to exude qualities like calmness, inner strength, and emotional stability. 

Lapis Lazuli: - Lapis Lazuli is a blue healing crystal made with multiple minerals, like lazurite, sodalite, calcite, and pyrite. This cosmic blue gemstone is a rich medium to royal blue gold pyrite. 

Green Aventurine: - Green Aventurine crystal’s energizing properties can increase strength, happiness, and calmness and bring luck into your life. they also bring optimistic energy, which can give a satisfying and relaxing effect, positively influencing those around you. 

Citrine: - Citrine is a powerful and gorgeous citrine wealth bracelet, which is made up of high-quality round-shaped genuine citrine beads. According to astrologers, it is a super-wealthy enhancing bracelet. 

Carnelian: - Carnelian of view by some few is believed can be an enhancer of self-esteem and creativity, can relieve a person from continuous feelings of inadequacy and insomnia can increase his/her physical energy. 

Sodalite: - Healing and Transformation Sodalite provides visible effects such as better nights of sleep and decreased anxiety and worry, and it has a unique way of making you feel lighter about life. 

Red Jasper: - Red Jasper also known by the name Stone of Life, is a rock that has healing, spiritual, emotional, and psychic benefits that have been admired for ages. 

How it works? 

1.    Healing crystals are energy boosters that aim to let you see the path and help you achieve your dreams. An individual must be with a determined effect and struggle all along that journey.
2.    The first determinant of how fast we achieve our results is dependent on our willingness to put in the required effort and our high level of discipline to complete the goals we set.
3.    Through thoughtful and mindful use of crystals, one can raise inner energy and achieve one's external goals and needs. Spirits are important for work in spiritually, so it will test its time and the outcome of the work very much depends on the person.

Crystal care tips 

1.    It is advised that you should cleanse and charge your crystal every two to four weeks.
2.    In case the crystals you have acquired become damaged/broken, it is advisable to bury them in the earth or immerse them in a river or lake.


Please note that this is not intended to replace professional medical treatment, crystals can act as complementary tools in helping a patient by clearing blocked energies by providing a sense of overall well-being.

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