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Lava Stone with Evil Eye Bracelet - Abhimantrit & Certified

Lava Stone with Evil Eye Bracelet - Abhimantrit & Certified

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The Natural Lava Stone with Evil Eye Bracelet. It's truly cool and unique. The bracelet has the raw beauty of Lava Stone, paired with the mesmerizing Evil Eye. It's more than just a bracelet, it's a special charm that protects from bad vibes. 

The bracelet is made of natural Lava Stone. This stone comes from volcanic eruptions, representing strength, and much-needed grounding energy. The beads all have a rough texture, giving out a special, rugged charm. The added Evil Eye protective charm helps to enhance the spiritual aura of the bracelet and harmoniously intertwines style with symbolism.

The pandit has energized this bracelet, crafted it carefully, to make it more than just a good-looking accessory a meaningful one too.


•    Negativity Repellent: The evil eye charm serves as a strong amulet preventing negative vibes and saving a wearer from them.

•    Grounding Energy: Meanwhile, lava stone has grounding energy that stabilizes situations promoting stamina.

•    Emotional Balance: Emotional well-being is supported by these bracelets’ energies that help reduce stress while promoting inner peace.

•    Stylish Protection: Even beyond being metaphysically useful, this bracelet is an accessory that blends effortlessly into fashionable attire.

•    Energized Positivity: It is energized positively by one who has mastered this art, thus giving the protection feel around the wearer.


Evil eye: - The primary function of this jewelry is to transform into a protective amulet fighting off negative energy, jealousy, and evil eye. By doing so, wearers are shielded.

Lava stone: - Lava stone is often talked about to solve anxiety problems, induce emotional peacefulness, soothe the mind, and produce feelings of calmness and comfort. The precise reason why lava stone is believed to possess a great mystic significance is believed to be established here.

How it works? 

1.    Healing crystals are energy boosters that aim to let you see the path and help you achieve your dreams. An individual must be with a determined effect and struggle all along that journey.

2.    The first determinant of how fast we achieve our results is dependent on our willingness to put in the required effort and our high level of discipline to complete the goals we set.

3.    Through thoughtful and mindful use of crystals, one can raise inner energy and achieve one's external goals and needs. Spirits are important for work in spiritually, so it will test its time and the outcome of the work very much depends on the person.

Crystal care tips 

1.    It is advised that you should cleanse and charge your crystal every two to four weeks.

2.    In case the crystals you have acquired become damaged/broken, it is advisable to bury them in the earth or immerse them in a river or lake.


Please note that this is not intended to replace professional medical treatment, crystals can act as complementary tools in helping a patient by clearing blocked energies by providing a sense of overall well-being.

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