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Lapis Lazuli Owl (4cm) 34gm - Abhimantrit

Lapis Lazuli Owl (4cm) 34gm - Abhimantrit

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The Natural Owl of the Lapis Lazuli Sennit Has Wise Traditional Ethnicity and Protection, Made Meticulously with the Best Quality Lapis Lazuli. Lapis lazuli is the most famous and valuable blue semi-precious stone treasured for its deep blue color and spiritual symbolism. As a stone of truth, inner vision, and enlightenment, it is well known.

In each of the owls, the immaculate design solicits the knowledge and charisma of this prized bird that represents abilities to look ahead, understand, and reason. The natural stone that is chosen for premium quality has to be of a high grade; it enables the stone to accept positive vibrations (chi) flow.

As the essence of Lapis Lazuli, the Wise Owl Dance, and its story are heightened by a pandit or spiritual practitioner through rituals and mantras, positive vibrations and energy flow through the stapes toward the owner. This enhances the spiritual value of the dance and bestows blessings on the owner.

Benefits of the Natural Lapis Lazuli Owl include:

β€’ Wisdom and Insight: Lapis Lazuli is connected to the third eye chakra, which helps to reveal intuition and mental strength of mind. The owl is a wise and far-sighted vane that lightens the road of self-discovery and illuminates the way to enlightenment.

β€’ Protection and Security: Lapis Lazuli repairs the barrier against malefic and intrusions, while the wise owl protects Nanook by keeping constant watch over him, providing an unconditional, stable, and secure environment.

β€’ Emotional Healing: The gentleness energy of Lapis Lazuli zen the mind and relieves the mind stress, anxiety, and tension. The owl personifies psychological healing by self-consolation, consequently, the mind develops basic harmony and serenity.

β€’ Enhanced Communication: Lapis Lazuli represents the depth and honesty of communication, while the owl is a symbol of the facility for outspokenness and listening. This blend of elements ensures an absence of hurdles in the communication, thus that the relationships are peaceful.

β€’ Spiritual Growth: In its presence, Lapis Lazuli Owl creates a favorable environment for learning, helping mankind to find themselves and grow spiritually, leading the way for life-transforming changes.

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