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Green Jade Zibu Coin Symbol - Abhiamntrit

Green Jade Zibu Coin Symbol - Abhiamntrit

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The Natural Green Jade Zibu Coin Being is one’s ongoing striving for material superfluity, spiritual harmony, and spiritual evolution. Composed of the finest quality Green Jade which is a highly valued gemstone with healing and protective powers, each coin overcomes the discord and unrest and promises prosperity.

It is the Jade of Green, with its exquisite shades of greens, that imbues it with connotations of renewal, growth, and vigor, which makes it a stone for the soul in many spiritual rituals. The coin is amazingly elaborate in its design of the script Zibu symbol, where it has ancient language letters depicting love, healing, and empowerment.

Inspired by the speeches of a guru or a spiritual member through holy ordination and mantras, the sapphire green Zibu Coin attracts cosmic positive energies and it is more rewarding, so it brings blessings to its owner.

Benefits of the Natural Green Jade Zibu Coin Symbol include:

β€’ Abundance and Prosperity: One of the colors, green jade is believed to attract an individual success and affluence, whereas the sound of the Zibu symbol brings to life balance in all aspects.

β€’ Harmony and Balance: The comforting vibration of Green Jade will help to find your inner serenity by bringing harmony and aligning all of you with the energetic flow of your subtle Yadda body.

β€’ Spiritual Growth: The ability to meet the Zibu symbol encourages the rudiments of the spiritual tree and the enlightenment of people towards self-discovery and the power to take control of their lives

β€’ Protection and Healing: The Green Jade will help you in guarding unfortunate energies from surrounding you but the Zibu icon will on top of that assist you in the recovery and renewal of your heart and soul.

β€’ Enhanced Intuition: Green Jade is a top-up that facilitates the free flow of energy along the third eye chakra, thereby heightening intuition and psychic capabilities, and allowing for more profound spiritual examinations and communion."

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