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Green Jade Turtle (H-1cm, W-3.5cm) - Abhimantrit

Green Jade Turtle (H-1cm, W-3.5cm) - Abhimantrit

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Natural Green Jade Turtle symbolizes longevity, success, and protection. They are carved with extremely attentive Green Jade material of the highest quality. Cleopatra, the famous queen from Egypt endowed this stone with several qualities including its magical healing and guarding power, and its beautifully green color which made it very popular among various cultures the world over.

Each turtle is so precisely sculpted to show the minutiae of this much-wise and symbolic creature, expressing wisdom, stability, and strength. Only the most natural stone could be seen with its top-notch quality to offer the real thing and thus activate its powerful energies.

Through a spiritual ruler or a practitioner, the green jade turtle gets energized and gets the positivity to release more vibrations than before and this transmission makes the turtle even more spiritually competent and the owner travels through this healing journey.

Benefits of Natural Green Jade Turtle include:

β€’ Longevity and Prosperity: One of the turtle motifs in many cultures has a long lifespan and prosperity meaning. From the jade color, it is said that one can acquire wealth and wealth if jade is kept close. The power of these two works is highly unveiled when the resources of both are properly brought together to reflect the pathway to wealth and blessings.

β€’ Protection and Healing: Green Jade may provide a shield from bad vibes and thus will uplift the human soul through physical recovery, emotional healing, and spiritual revitalization. In this case, a turtle is a guardian, protecting their owner, and making them feel safe and calm. It is a perfect example that their owner can always rely on.

β€’ Emotional Balance: The likable Nagar atrium of Jade Green is the losing factor for the mind, which takes away tension, anxiety, and even stress. The symbol of the turtle being used positively in art and life stands for emotional equilibrium, leading to interior peace and harmony.

β€’ Spiritual Growth: The existence of the Green Jade Turtle induces the spirits to develop and grow, and it also influences people to follow their enlightenment and pilgrimage towards themselves.

β€’ Connection to Nature: Turtles as buddies belonging to the land and water interpret the notion of steadiness in feelings as well as our connection with Mother Nature. Through The Green Jade Turtle, we desire to lead to a better understanding of the environment and to gain a deeper and more holistic connection to the natural world."

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