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Obstacle Removal Bracelet (Green Aventurine with Seven Chakra) - Abhimantrit & Certified

Obstacle Removal Bracelet (Green Aventurine with Seven Chakra) - Abhimantrit & Certified

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Get connected with a special charm bracelet for overcoming natural obstacles through spiritual harmony, infused with the Green Aventurine and the Seven Chakras for the mastery of energies. This high-end bracelet is much more than an ornament; it is a thing that works as a tool to rid the models of the blocking factors and stimulate growth.

Establishing the basis for the bracelet the Aventurine greens, which people often call “abundance” and “luck-bringing” properties, are used. A bead for one's bracelet has to be carefully picked for its natural beauty and ability to assist in the creation of good energies. A combination of the same equilibrating energies of the Seven Chakras and this bracelet will form a great dominance that will help get rid of any obstacles you may encounter on the journey.

Each with an attention to detail, the Natural Obstacle Removal Bracelet pays homage to the lasting design and spiritual status to which it has been devoted. The stones are naturally sourced and go through a laborious of energization by established pandits. In other words, with each positive thought, the bracelet keeps on harmonizing with the higher vibrations, so it can function better at the task of obstacle enjoyment.

Key benefits of the Natural Obstacle Removal Bracelet:

• Obstacle Clearing: Green Aventurine is the name of the stone which, due to its magical properties, together with the seven chakras, can remove obstacles and clear the path which will enable one to progress smoothly through life.

• Premium Craftsmanship: The bracelet, intricately made, is one of the symbols of unending beauty and spiritualism.

• Luck and Abundance: The green aventurine has the property of its color that is believed to attract good luck and abundance, giving the holder a positive result in anything s/he does.

• Energized Blessings: Pandita's touch goldens the bracelet to bring upon the being of a spiritual element in an attempt to harmonize the bracelet with the vibration of positive energy and an outlook aimed at overcoming hindrances.

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