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Golden Pyramid (5cm) 343gm - Abhimantrit & Certified

Golden Pyramid (5cm) 343gm - Abhimantrit & Certified

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Our Natural Esoteric Pyramid, is a splendid construction that is extremely rigorously fitted with precious stones of premium quality, and a curer’s blessings. Intrinsically, this triangular-shaped monument links the natural stone properties aided by skilled workmanship. The result is not only a good-looking spiritual-link conduit but an art piece that defies itself. The facet of the pyramid hands over the genuine golden stones that represent prosperity and spiritual eventfulness.

Handmade with care, the Natural Pyramid Eye presents the interior of the pyramid as a symbol of durability, majesty, and high spiritual significance. The metaphysical properties of the natural stones in its design which are thought to be energetically wearing towards a higher consciousness and positive energy are taken into consideration by it.

Since, there is a mandate of spiritualist properties, a pandit, having a decade of experience, applies a genuine energization. The introduction of such positive energy is meant to elevate the whole pyramid through invigorating vibrations that not only promote Spirit but general well-being as well.

Key benefits of the Natural Golden Pyramid:

• Prosperity and Abundance: The yellow stones carry the meanings of wealth and affluence; they however pick well with high and affluent energy frequencies to attract abundance.

• Premium Craftsmanship: Contemplating the pyramid’s precise design, it is evident that its timeless beauty highlights not only the degree of grandeur but also the spirit of significance.

• Positive Energy: Being in or around the device energized by the pilgrim or the pandit the wonder pyramid absorbs and uplifts the frequencies causing a relaxing and harmonious spread through the air.

• Spiritual Growth: The pyramid is an instrument of transmitting the energies that are the foundation of meditating and awakening to the higher consciousness.

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