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Mental & Emotional Healing Bracelet (Angelite) - Abhimantrit & Certified

Mental & Emotional Healing Bracelet (Angelite) - Abhimantrit & Certified

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Our peaceful Natural Calming Emotional & Mental Bracelets with a rejuvenating Angelite. One of the major advancements that make this accessory superior is its high quality; it is not only beautifully made out of the wonders of nature, but it also can positively impact a person's mental and emotional health. 

Every Angelite is handpicked with care for its authenticity. They are stylish products in a traditional elegance that bring peace and spiritual connection to their wearer.
Angelite, known for its powerful tranquility, is used by many people to help with mental and emotional problems. Its soft and beautiful blue colors remind us of the healing process that is useful in consumers who may be forgetting stress, and anxiety, and put their emotions more equilibrium. 

This bracelet provides the wearer with the feeling of being in a hallowed place especially those who are in great need of medical comfort in their mental and psychological state.


•    Stress Relief: Angelite is welcomed by the entities who are experiencing stress, as it creates an environment of peace and relaxation for the mind.

•    Emotional Balance: The bracelet is an inducer to the emotional mending and ultimately attainments of a stable and balanced emotional state.

•    Premium Craftsmanship: Designed to last for years, it reflects the kind of sophistication that comes with growing older and the emotion of happiness.

•    Energized Blessings: The brush of pandit complements the spiritual context, providing the wearer with jewelry that dispenses positive energy and healing vibes.


Angelite: - Angelite is linked to spirituality and spiritual awareness since it comes with a peaceful energy that is both calming and peaceful. People say that it has been shown to facilitate communication and self-expression and to diminish central states of the mind like fear, anger, and stress.

How it works? 

1.    Healing crystals are energy boosters that aim to let you see the path and help you achieve your dreams. An individual must be with a determined effect and struggle all along that journey.

2.    The first determinant of how fast we achieve our results is dependent on our willingness to put in the required effort and our high level of discipline to complete the goals we set.

3.    Through thoughtful and mindful use of crystals, one can raise inner energy and achieve one's external goals and needs. Spirits are important for work spiritually, so it will test its time and the outcome of the work very much depends on the person.

Crystal care tips 

1.    It is advised that you should cleanse and charge your crystal every two to four weeks.
2.    In case the crystals you have acquired become damaged/broken, it is advisable to bury them in the earth or immerse them in a river or lake.


Please note that this is not intended to replace professional medical treatment, crystals can act as complementary tools in helping a patient by clearing blocked energies by providing a sense of overall well-being.

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