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Khirni Mool (5-6g)

Khirni Mool (5-6g)

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Khirni Mool (Ceylon Ironwood): The Sacred Remedy for Pacifying Planet Moon

Khirni Mool, also known as Ceylon Ironwood or Manilkara Hexandra, holds profound significance in Vedic astrology as an effective remedy for mitigating the malefic effects of the planet Moon. The Moon governs the mind, mother, happiness, beauty, water-related things, females, emotions, sensitivity, creativity, and a caring nature. When the influence of the Moon is negative in the horoscope, it can lead to deficiencies in these aspects of life. Khirni Mool is revered for its potency in pacifying the Moon and restoring balance and harmony in these areas.

Key Benefits of Khirni Mool:

  1. Pacifies Malefic Effects of the Moon: Khirni Mool is specifically used to pacify the malefic effects of the Moon in the horoscope, ensuring emotional stability, happiness, and fulfillment in life.
  2. Enhances Emotional Well-being: By wearing Khirni Mool, individuals can enhance their emotional well-being and sensitivity, fostering deeper connections with others and a greater sense of empathy and compassion.
  3. Promotes Creativity and Caring Nature: This sacred remedy promotes creativity and a caring nature by harmonizing the influence of the Moon, facilitating artistic expression and nurturing relationships with loved ones.
  4. Brings Happiness and Beauty: Khirni Mool attracts happiness and beauty into the lives of its wearers by pacifying the negative effects of the Moon, fostering a positive and uplifting atmosphere.
  5. Improves Relationships with Mother and Females: By restoring balance in the influence of the Moon, Khirni Mool improves relationships with mothers, females, and important female figures in one's life, ensuring harmony and mutual understanding.

Embrace the divine blessings and harmonizing energies of Khirni Mool and experience emotional stability, happiness, and fulfillment in all aspects of life. This sacred remedy not only pacifies the negative effects of the Moon but also promotes overall well-being and nurturing relationships, ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling life journey.


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