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Arand Mool - Eranda Mool(10-15g)

Arand Mool - Eranda Mool(10-15g)

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Introducing Arand Mool (Eranda Mool), a powerful herb renowned for its ability to mitigate the negative effects of the planet Venus. Venus is the celestial symbol of luxury, comfort, wealth, beauty, and creativity. When Venus is unfavorably positioned in an individualโ€™s horoscope, it can lead to deficiencies in these vital aspects of life. Arand Mool is traditionally used to harmonize the influence of Venus, ensuring a life filled with abundance and beauty.

Enhances Luxuries and Comfort: By pacifying the adverse effects of Venus, Arand Mool helps to bring luxuries and comfort into your life. It promotes a lifestyle filled with ease and elegance.

Attracts Wealth: Venus is closely associated with wealth and prosperity. Using Arand Mool can aid in enhancing your financial status and attracting wealth, helping you lead a more affluent life.

Promotes Beauty: Known for its beneficial effects on beauty, Arand Mool supports radiant skin and overall physical attractiveness. It helps in enhancing your natural beauty by balancing Venus's energies.

Boosts Creativity: Venus governs creativity and artistic expression. Arand Mool aids in unlocking your creative potential, making it an excellent choice for artists, writers, and anyone looking to enhance their creative abilities.

Balances Emotional Well-being: The herb also helps in maintaining emotional balance and harmony. A well-aspected Venus brings emotional stability, and Arand Mool assists in achieving this balance.

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