Healing Properties of Malachite

Healing Properties of Malachite

The mesmerizing green and rich blue carbon of copper blend make the healing crystal malachite. This emerald-colored and majestic stone can send your mind shooting to woodlands of velvet green, fine spring days, rich mountains, and cool running waters.

Malachite is a healing crystal that comes from a Greek word for malakos (delicate). While this healing crystal holds its solidarity, malachite is a heart opener that connects with how the Greeks came to gift this gemstone with its delicate name.

What is malachite made of?

Malachite is a mineral containing mainly the carbonate hydroxide of copper (II). It is formed after the carbonate rocks or the copper minerals react with copper-containing solutions as well as in the process of weathering the rock. The malachite is mostly gathered in rounded masses (botryoids) and is known for its color character (bright green), which is unique and amazing for decorative use. This is where the beautiful green color of copper comes from, while the uniqueness of its patterns and swirls attracts the attention of many people who fell in love with it right away and use it for the design of jewelry and decorative items.

Uses of malachite healing crystal

Malachite is a crystal stone of manifestation. It helps you to manifest the wishes you have been working on. It is known to guide you in changing situations and help in the growth that you wish. Malachite is believed to improve great imaginary powers, which were to block negative happenings.

Malachite crystal stone is good for clearing and activating chakras. It is placed on the 3rd eye; it activates imagery and psychic vision. It is placed in the solar plexus, it represents deep emotional healing, releasing negative experiences and old traumas. This stone is related to the heart chakra, this crystal stone also brings peace to relationships.

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Ways to use malachite in healing

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Keeping malachite gemstones near your workplace is known to keep you on your toes to guide you in achieving your goals.

Another simplest method to malachite gemstones placed over the heart chakra. Clear your mind, relax, breathe through your nose and out through your mouth, and let malachite do its work.

Caring for your malachite crystal stone

Malachite is water-sensitive, so avoid exposure to water unless you want it to use its brightness.

Place malachite near your planet, underneath a tree, or even protect it on the earth for a night to give it a chance to absorb Mother Nature’s soul. Cleansing malachite is easy, you can place this crystal stone to amplify its energy back up or leave it in the evening light of the moon for a couple of hours. If in case you place it in daylight, don’t leave it for a long time as this might prompt the dynamic shade to blur.

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It is all because of the energy they store and are used for ages not just as jewelry pieces, but to connect with nature.

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