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White Agate Mini Tree (5cm) - Abhimantrit

White Agate Mini Tree (5cm) - Abhimantrit

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Enhance your space with the calming beauty of our White Agate Mini Tree. Featuring delicate branches adorned with polished white agate stones, this mini tree brings tranquility and balance to your environment. White agate is known for its soothing and harmonizing properties.


1. Peace and Calm:Β White agate promotes peace and calm, creating a serene atmosphere in your home or workspace.
2. Emotional Balance:Β This stone supports emotional stability, helping you navigate life's challenges with grace.
3. Protection:Β White agate shields against negative energies, offering protection and safety.
4. Spiritual Growth: The stone aids in spiritual development and self-awareness, supporting your journey.

Our White Agate Mini Tree is not just a decorative piece; it is a source of serenity and spiritual growth. Each tree is energized by an expert astrologer for optimal effects. Embrace the gentle energy of white agate and elevate your space with our Abhimantrit Mini Tree.

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